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At the law office of Moore & Bogener, we understand how crippling legal conflict can be to your business, and more importantly how strategic planning can help avoid such conflict. We maintain an active practice in business formation, planning, and oversight in an effort to maintain long term, mutually beneficial relations with our clients. Moore & Bogener is the preeminent firm for start up entrepreneurs seeking legal assistance from the ground floor.

Business Law & Litigation

When needed, we litigate. Our attorneys are experienced and maintain an active trial calendar of business disputes. Our firm understands matters of unfair competition, contractual interference, product acquisition, contract breach, contract drafting, covenants not to compete, fraud, illegal business practices, etc.

Whether it be consulting at the outset of a business idea or contractual relationship, or litigating the defense and/or prosecution of a client’s claims, we provide effective counsel. Our objective is to ensure your business is not disadvantaged in today’s world, a role we have played for several clients; clients that have formed relationships with the attorneys of our firm that span a period exceeding a decade.

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